Have you ever seen a phenomenon of complete drying out of unfathomable sea water in front of your eyes ? Are you thinking is it any kind of joke to make you laugh? No this is true and amazing. This unique phenomenon is rarely seen anywhere else in the world,but in Chandipur seabeach Balasore City in Eastern India, the sea recedes by as much as five kilometers every day .It becomes so dry that one can literally walk into the sea.

   As one of nature's rare climatic phenomenons, the sea recedes completely from the beach during ebb and returns to fill the emptiness during high tide. This hide-and-seek of the sea waves comes to play in a to and fro cycle every day. This is really a splendid experience one would get on this coast. According to the local vendors and residents, people enjoy bike riding and walking miles into the receded sea bank without any possibilities of danger. According to the position of the moon the time of tide changes. The sea is not rough here and the waves are gentle. One can enjoy the bathing in knee deep or waist deep gentle water of a slow upcoming tide .

   Beside this hide and seek of water, the Casuarinas and creepers, sand dunes seem to be swaying on a melodious musical note with the flowing breeze of air touched by the flocks of humming waves on the sea water. When the water recedes making the land open and dried one can observe many dead and alive jelly fish, hermit crabs, Horseshoe crabs,conches,shells of different colors.The beautiful red crabs are also seen in herds making the illusion of a red carpet on the shore.These red crabs suddenly get into their burrowed holes the moment one steps on the ground. The serene and peaceful landscape of Chandipur captivates the visitors.

   Former president of India and scientist, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam has described this place in his poetic way ; The beach here is surely among the finest in India .At low tide the water recedes three kilometers as the tides follow their rhythmic cycle . The lonely beach ,the whispering of tamarisk trees and the cool breeze create a feeling of extraordinary calm.

How to reach – Chandipur sea beach is about 10 KM from Balasore city and can be easily reached via buses and by hired taxis and cars . The road to Chandipur is very wide and fine without the feeling of any jerk or bumps .

Hotels to reside – There are several hotels available in Chandipur for the tourists to spend the holidays . Beside the Panthanivas (OTDC) other hotels are Hotel Subham,Anandamayee,Babylone,Rojalin , Shantinivas, Golden,Muktangan and other hotels .

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